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So over the last couple of months not much has changed really. I have fitted my new MeisterR Zeta-R coilovers, these have made my life incredible! They are such a nice change from the shitty old TA Technix i was running before hand and have made the handling 100x better, literally the best thing ive done to the car yet!

I have also upgraded the brakes to 1.8 disks and pads, for the time being i am running Brembo solid disks and OEM pads simply because i cannot justify spending hundreds on amazing brakes with standard power for the time being, but in the future ill be sure to upgrade to better pads and disks, have also contemplated doing an Impreza brake upgrade after seeing my friend do the swap successfully, this would be quite cool to do.

I’ve changed the air filter from the gammy old Ebay special cone filter to a standard (drilled on the cold side for extra bwaaarrrrmm) airbox.

I have finally been able to get hold of a new harness. I have a 6 point 3″ Sabelt harness, unfortunately still a “fabulous pink” 2″ luke piece of crap for the passenger but i will be trying to get my hands on another one when i have spare money.

So whats next? well.. in the next couple of weeks i will be picking up my full TR lane cage from the one and only Jimmy-The-P, cannot wait for this! Will also be getting a custom exhaust sorted (have extra special plans for this hehehe) and will be picking up a couple of new bucket seats as i’m sick of these horrible red cheap metal framed uncomfortable turds. Unfortunately though, i will be having to pick up a new engine as cylinder 4 has decided to only half work “enter sad face here”… However this is sort of a blessing in disguise as it means i will be able to completely referb the engine, paint it up, make it look all nice and give it a proper going over. I haven’t been happy with my current engine with quite a while, hasn’t ever really run right, so this will hopefully make me a lot happier with the way the car runs. This disappointingly means that the supercharger will be put on hold a little longer, which is a shame as i’m starting to get bored of the power output of my car, however, i’m glad to be getting the car mechanically sound before hand as id much rather do it now than when i think i’m almost done!

Anyway, heres a couple of pictures, not many though cause i suck at remembering to take photos!!

(Oh and PS, had an awesome time at Japfest earlier in the month!)

2015-05-18 06.18.02


2015-05-07 18.24.24


2015-04-18 13.55.36


2015-04-18 13.23.55

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