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So… I have spent the evening thinking about what im going to do when it gets to the point of needing another car to get me to work and back. As some of you have probably guessed, my car is already pretty impractical, and its just going to get worse and worse. Im planning on having no interior left whatsoever, so bye bye music (which i cannot live without) along with a few other home luxuries. It rattles, it is uncomfortable, and it has 1 seat, not ideal by all means, and its just going to keep getting worse.

I was toying with the idea of getting an LS400 for a daily, however my sensible gene (i have one of those??) has kicked in, and is telling me that to do what i would like with a lexus would involve a lot of money, of which i should be spending on my MX5. So i need something cheap, comfortable, fun and something i can make look nice, so what else is there really other than another MX5? It makes sense after all, i love my car and hate the idea of not getting to drive it to work and back every day, so its the only real answer!

Obviously i wouldn’t be able to keep it stock, so i have limited myself to a £2k budget for it. I feel that is a fair price to be able to make it nice to be in, to look at and to drive so i think its a good limit without going crazy!

I’m planning on doing something kind of in between how my car was and is, so white hopefully, and im thinking about getting similar wheels to my old chrome wheels but with a bit more dish and running bolt on fast5 arches with slightly stretched tyre. It will be a bit lower than what i have to make it sit pretty, but nothing ridiculous as i would like to enjoy my daily back road hack to work and back still. So i will get myself a nice set of coilovers, wheels and the arches and leave it as that, stock engine and everything else so i can put all my energy into starting pretty much from scratch with Project Infamy.

Here are a couple of pictures for reference, the 2 stages of my car and a couple of shots of a similar style i will be aiming for.





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