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So, doing the usual rounds on pages, Ive come across a topic that no one really talks about, unless there are parts for sale, ( and there are Nerds around :P) But even then, not all the details are compiled in a way one can make sense of. So this post is here to help clear some things up!

Some of us may have owned, seen or heard about exhaust parts with a JASMA Stamp. Usually a badge welded on…

OK, So What Is JASMA?

JASMA is not a brand, although as a whole, anything seen with a JASMA stamp passes as JDM goodness, and straight away, alot of people dont care for the rest of the details, its JASMA, and its JDM… But there’s more to it than that.

Of my research so far, the majority of evidence supports that JASMA stands for Japan Automotive Sports Muffler Association. JASMA set rules and regulations on exhausts. It means the exhaust is made in Japan and meets JDM specific requirements.

Taken from the JASMA, official JDM AF website:

The Japan Auto Sports Muffler Association is managed to achieve the following objectives.

We will fully comprehend the roles and positions of cars in modern society, comply with the safety standards of road transport vehicles, and strive to disseminate sports mufflers that conform to standards such as noise, exhaust gas, heat hazards, etc. Also, with regard to non-standard mufflers dedicated to competition, we aim to educate and teach proper usage methods and appropriate sales plans according to limited objectives, carry out clear identification and accompanying wide public relations activities, We aim to contribute to the development of car society.

There are JASMA Stamps on parts for more than just MX5s and EF Civics. Subaru, GTR, Toyotas…. Pretty much anything from the JDM can get hold of these (not so ultra rare) Stamped parts. However, there is something quite special about each code on the stamp itself.

Which JDM Manufacturer?

From further research, the first three numbers of the stamp, are a code to denote which Manufacturer produced the part. The last series of numbers is the exhaust type/ model.
If your Japanese is good, you can even request the exact type through the JASMA number by contacting them at

I havent got as far as compiling a list of my own, (I imagine it would take some time to even get one going!) but have found a few extensive lists. Most have been copied and pasted from the EK9 forum without credit, but it is infact where this list originated from, thank you Sinbad :wink: )

Taken from the EK9 Forum, TY

Akiyure Inc. 047
Apekusera Inc. 048
Iida Inc. 130
Ikeda industry 003
A tea sea international Japan Inc. 074
Etching k s Inc. 051
Ebansupuranningu asuretsuku division 129
M-TEC Inc. 002
Otoekuze Inc. (autoexe) 120
Automatic backs seven Inc. 097
Ovuareshingupurodakutsu Inc. 124
Katsu Inc. 088
Car land 119
Kind technostructure Inc. (KTS) 115
Kakimotoreshingu Inc. 017
Garcon division 114
Can tile office 113
5ZIGEN international Inc. 005
Sun automobile industry Inc. 076
Gee earl Inc. 012
Jieiruto Inc. 013
Gee piece Potts Inc. 125
Jiyaosu Inc. 067
Starting line Inc. 069
Spoon Inc. 044
Possession the Suruga Seiki Inc. 106
Zero sports Inc. 100
Tanabe Inc. 026
Taniguchi Inc. 035
Takeoff Inc. 004
Top line Inc. 110
Trust Inc. 006
Knight sport Inc. 019
Huaburesu Inc. 111
Fujita engineering Inc. 061
Rattan šâ engineering and research industry Inc. (Fujitsubo Giken Co. Ltd.) 001
Free way Inc. 123
Buritsutsu Inc. 021
Hoshinoinparu Inc. 037
HONDA twin cam Inc. 011
Mainzuueibu Inc. 038
Makishimuwakusu Inc. 045
Pine Shaw Inc. 008
Meiwa Inc. 041
Yajima industry Inc. 091
Yamato Inc. 122
Lucky automatic Inc. 126
Love lark Inc. 083
Kaye etch. 051
Auto Produce Boss. 131

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