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Having contact with Dan at JDMparts is a reeeeally bad thing,especially for my bank account! I asked Dan to get me a Parts Catalog,again it came over with zero issues

The Mazdaspeed obsession continued when I stumbled across a damaged A-Spec Type 1 bumper only a couple of hours away

The middle of the bumper is paint flaking off and adhesive tape from the number plate,the damage is in the corner.

It had the lower rubber lip and air damn included, the parts that are always sought after for this. Luckily the lip was there,because thats whats keeping it all together lol

A MX5Nutz/Total 5s Member kindly sent me an original handbook!

Last but not least Me and the other half took both cars out for a drive to a local meet,would have been rude not to take a photo together!

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