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So the day after JAE myself and the other half started to strip the Silver MX5. The MOT (annual inspection for those overseas) had an advisory of the passenger wing/fender due to corrosion. Managed to source a replacement along with another front bumper for a very good price. (original bumper had severe paint cracking,so it made sense to change that too)

The bottom didn’t look great…

Gave the inner wing and bumper fixing areas a coating of underseal before refitting

All back together along with an import plate surround and some 6mm front and 10mm rear spacers.

We also picked up a twin exhaust and silenced de-cat. The initial plan was to cut the existing bumper and eventually fit an R-Package rear lip. Then this Auto Joy/VIS Racing fibreglass bumper came up for sale locally so went with that instead

Found out the rear lights were siliconed in,which resulted in 2 snapped studs on the driver side light,luckily I had a spare pair of lights. Also swapped the broken number plate panel for my painted carbon fibre one i had on the other MX5

So yeah…. we’ve done more to the daily MX in the last 2 weeks than we have all year lol

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